PLC Meter

addax meter

PLC Meter integrate a range of features, enabling efficient consumption management, like DSM, Time-of-Use and operation in prepayment (compliant to STS standard).

 The meters are provided with secure anti-fraud means, blocking or warning about tampering attempts. The latest version brings new features, like remote upgrade, which leads to a higher degree of flexibility and allows matching systems functionality to future requirements. ADDAX meters have built-in PLC modems for upward communications and M-Bus interfaces for integration with HAN devices.

Centralized Metering System is a recent development, bringing a  new, modular design and targeting two of the most sensitive issues: cost efficiency and anti-fraud. The benefits and the advantages of the CMS come from the modular approach in the construction of the metering nodes.

Base communication capabilities of the meters are as follows:

  • The meter communicates over Power Line Communication (PLC) based on FSK (for Lite series meters) and S-FSK/OFDM communication solution (for EXTRA series meters).
  • The meter optionally supports additional communication channels, such as 2G/3G, M-Bus, USB, and RS485.


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